Malicious Damage Claims

Find out why most brokers and policy holders choose ILA as their UK Loss Adjuster for Malicious Damage Claims.

In unfortunate cases where businesses and homes are intentionally damaged, such as in riots or acts of vandalism, the insurance claim process can be complex and stressful. To help navigate this process, Independent Loss Adjusters expert Loss Adjusters can guide business owners throughout the entire process.

Independent Loss Adjusters prioritise getting liability acceptance from the insurance company as quickly as possible, so repairs can begin, and the daily business can resume with minimal disruption. When you choose ILA as your Loss Adjuster, you will have a dedicated adjuster who will handle all aspects of the claim from beginning to end, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

By working with Independent Loss Adjusters, business owners can receive professional advice and representation, which can be crucial in securing the compensation needed to recover from intentional damage. With ILA’s help, businesses can get back on track as soon as possible.

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We believe that everyone should have their own Independent Loss Adjuster when they suffer an insured loss or damage. 

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